The moon is still over her shoulder    (video)    (clip)


    D - G - A - A7(2x)


                D                 G                 A

1. She is fixed in his mind like the picture,

             D             Em             A

    he's kept in his wallet for years.


    And the image has never been tarnished,

                   D         A    G     A                 A7

    by the blood, sweat and tears, and to him it appears ...


                  G              A               D

That the moon is still over her shoulder,

              G            A               D     - D7

and the ribbon is still in her hair.

        G          A                Bm A

And he can still see her dancing,

                G          A            D    - G - A - A7

and the music is still in the air.


      D                    G               A

2. Sometimes he finds it's amazing,

            D            Em               A

    that all of his children are wed.


    When their mother, she is still turning eighteen,

            D  A     G     A            A7

    and turning his head, she still turns his head.


                 G               A               D

And the moon is still over her shoulder,

                G                A           D     - D7

and the stars are still falling above.

                G              A              Bm A

And she never gets one minute older,

            G        A            D

and he is still falling in love.           +  D - G - A - A7 (2x)


+  repeat last CHORUS     +  D - G - A - A7 (2x)    +  D


(orig. = capo 1st)    (Michael Johnson)