The night Santa went crazy    (video)


    C - Em - F - C   - F - G - C (2x)


       C                Em                      F                            C

1. Down in the workshop all the elves were making toys,

                   F                                      G                 C

    for the good gentile girls and the good gentile boys.

                       C              Em              F                           C

    When the boss busted in, nearly scared 'em half to death,

                    F                                             G                      C

    he had a rifle in his hands and cheap whiskey on his breath.


                     C                 Em                  F               C

2. From his beard to his boots, he was covered in ammo,

               F                                         G            C

    like a big, fat, drunk, disgruntled, Yuletide Rambo.

                    C                Em                F                 C

    And he smiled as he said, with a twinkle in his eye,

                     F                                       G              C

    "Merry Christmas to all ! Now you're all gonna die !"


F           C        F                C

    The night Santa went crazy,

F         C                G                 C

    the night Saint Nick went insane,

F       C                         F            C

    realized he'd been getting a raw deal,

F                     C                            G                    C

    something finally must have snapped in his brain.


                      C                Em                     F            C

3. Well, the workshop is gone now, he decided to bomb it,

                  F                                     G               C

    everywhere you'll find pieces of Cupid and Comet.

                 C                Em                    F                    C

    And he tied up his helpers and he held the elves hostage,

                    F                                        - G                 C

    and he ground up poor Rudolph into      reindeer sausage.


                  F                   C                     F                 C

+  He got Dasher and Prancer with an old German luger,

                  Bb               F               G                   C

    and he slashed up Dasher just like Freddy Krueger.

                  F                 C                                F                 C

    And he picked up a flamethrower and he barbecued Blitzen,

                  Bb            F                         G                       C

    and he took a big bite, and said, "It tastes just like chicken!"


F           C        F                C

    The night Santa went crazy,

F          C               G                C

    the night Kris Kringle went nuts.

                - F            C              - F                      C

Now you       can't hardly walk       around the North Pole,

F                 C             G            C

    without steppin' in reindeer guts.


    Bb                                       F                        C     - G

+        There's the National Guard and the F.B.I.,

                    Bb                                      F

    there's a van from the Eyewitness News.

                               C                              G

    and helicopters circlin' 'round in the sky.

                   Am                            F

    And the bullets are flyin', the body count's risin',

             D                               G                        C

    and everyone's dyin' to know : Oh, Santa, why ?

F                                C                        F                       C

    My my my my my my, you used to be such a jolly guy !


+  C - Em - F - C   - F - G - C


    C              Em               F                 C

4.     Yes, Virginia, now Santa's doin' time,

            F                               G              C

    in a federal prison for his infamous crime.

C                  Em                        F                  C

    Hey, little friend, now, don't cry no more tears,

                   F                                     G               C

    he'll be out with good behavior in 700 more years.


                    F               C                  F                  C

    But now Vixen's in therapy and Donner's still nervous,

                  Bb                F                            - G              C

    and the elves all got jobs working for the       postal service.

                      F              C                             F                C

    And they say Mrs. Claus, she's on the phone every night,

                  Bb             F                 - G             C

    with her lawyer negotiating the        movie rights.


                           F          C        F                C

They're talkin' ‘bout the night Santa went crazy,

F          C            G           C

    the night St. Nicholas flipped.

F                    C                   - F                  C

    Broke his back for some       milk and cookies,

F                    C                      G                    C

    sounds to me like he was tired of gettin' gypped.


           - F          C       F                 C

Woah,       the night Santa went crazy,

F         C            G                 C

    the night St. Nick went insane.

F         C               F           C

    Realized he's gettin' a raw deal,

F                    C                             G                    C

    something finally must have snapped in his brain.


               - Bb                   F                             G                     C

+  Woah,        something finally must have snapped in his brain,

               - Bb                   F                             G                           C

    tell ya,        something finally must have snapped - - - in his brain.


+  C - Em - F - C   - F - G - C



(orig. = capo 3rd)    (Weird Al Yankovic)