The school house on the hill    (video)


    G - D - G


                G                           C                       G

1. Fond memory paints its scenes of other years,

               D                         G

    bring me their memory still,

             G                         C                           G

    and bright amid those joyous scenes of years,

                D                         G

    the schoolhouse on the hill.


 G                                                     C         G

Oh, the schoolhouse that stands upon the hill,

    D                            D7

I never, never can forget,

           G                       C                             G

dear, happy days are gathered 'round me still,

    D             D7                 G

I never, no never can forget.                      +  instrumental = verse 1


                 G                          C                      G

2. There hangs the swing upon the maple tree,

                  D                       G

    where you and I once swung.

                G                           C                    G

    There flows the spring, forever flowing free,

              D                           G

    as when we both were young.      +  CHORUS   +  instr.  = verse 2


                G                              C                           G

3. There climbs the vines and there the berries grow,

                D                            G

    which once would rise so high,

              G                           C                       G

    and there the ripe nuts glistened in the grove

         D                    G

    of rich October skies.           +  CHORUS


    (The Carter Family)