The soldier    (video)


    A - E - E - A


              A                            E

1. In a station in the city a British soldier stood,

     E                                       A

    talking to the people there if the people would.

      A                                               E

    Some just stared in hatred, and others turned in pain,

                  E                                                 A

    and the lonely British soldier wished he was back home again.


               D                                                A

    Come join the British Army ! said the posters in his town

      E                                                              A                         A7

    see the world and have your fun, come, serve before the Crown !

            D                                                      A

    The jobs were hard to come by and he could not face the dole,

                E                                                D                  A

    so he took his country's shilling and enlisted on the roll.


                      A                                       E

2. For there was no fear of fighting, the Empire long was lost,

            E                                             A

    just ten years in the army getting paid for being bossed.

               A                                            E

    Then leave a man experienced, a man who's made the grade,

          E                                           A

    a medal and a pension, some mem'ries and a trade.


               A                                              E

3. Then came the call to Ireland as the call had come before,

        E                                          A

    another bloody chapter in an endless civil war.

              A                                                          E

    The priests, they stood on both sides, the priests, they stood behind

        E                                                A

    another fight in Jesus’ name, the blind against the blind.


             D                                                  A

    The soldier stood between them, between the whistling stones,

              E                                        A                   A7

    and then the broken bottles that led to broken bones,

            D                                                           A

    the petrol bombs that burnt his hands, the nails that pierced his skin,

             E                                                           A           D        A

    and wished that he had stayed at home surrounded by his kin.


              A                                           E

4. The station filled with people, the soldier soon was bored,

            E                                        A

    but better in the station than where the people warred.

             A                                                   E

    The room filled up with mothers, with daughters and with sons,

              E                                              A

    who stared with itchy fingers at the soldier and his guns.


         A                                                         E

5. A yell of fear, a screech of brakes, the shattering of glass,

            E                                             A

    the window of the station broke to let the package pass.

             A                                                        E

    A scream came from the mothers as they ran towards the door,

        E                                                 A

    dragging children crying from the bomb upon the floor.


             A                                                          E

6. The soldier stood and could not move, his gun he could not use,

             E                                                        A

    he knew the bomb had seconds and not minutes on the fuse.

            A                                               E

    He could not run to pick it up and throw it in the street,

                       E                                                A

    there were far too many people there, too many running feet.


               D                                             A

    Take cover! yelled the soldier, take cover for your lives !

                 E                                                           A                        A7

  And the Irishmen threw down their young and stood before their wives.

              D                                                 A

    They turned towards the soldier, their eyes alive with fear,

             E                                                          A               D             A

    For God's sake save our children or they'll end their short lives here !


             A                                                          E

7. The soldier moved towards the bomb, his stomach like a stone,

       E                                           A

    why was this his battle, God, why was he alone ?

           A                                                    E

    He lay down on the package and he murmured one farewell

           E                                             A

    to those at home in England, to those he loved so well.


            A                                                    E

8. He saw the sights of summer, felt the wind upon his brow,

             E                                                   A

    the young girls in the city parks, how precious were they now.

              A                                           E

    The soaring of the swallow, the beauty of the swan,

             E                                             A

    the music of the turning world, so soon would it be gone.


           A                                              E

9. A muffled soft explosion, and the room began to quake,

            E                                                     A

    the soldier blown across the floor, his blood a crimson lake.

               A                                                     E

    They never heard him cry or shout, they never heard him moan,

                E                                                           A

and they turned their children's faces from the blood and from the bones.


              D                                                        A

    The crowd outside soon gathered and the ambulances came,

          E                                 A                       A7

    to carry off the body of a pawn lost in the game.


    And the crowd, they clapped and cheered,


    and they sang their rebel songs,

             E                                             A         D      A

    one soldier less to interfere where he did not belong.


            D                                                 A

    But will the children growing up learn at their mothers' knees,

             E                                   A

    the story of the soldier who bought their liberty ?

              D                                            A

    Who used his youthful body as a means towards the end,

             E                                                          A      D          A

    who gave his life to those who called him murderer not friend ?


    (Harvey Andrews)