The waves on the sea    (video)


    instrumental intro = CHORUS



Oh, the waves on the sea, how they roll,

         G                                       D

the chilly winds, oh, how they blow !

        G                           D

My own true love got drowned in the deep,

                D              A                D

and the ship never got to the shore.


+  instrumental = CHORUS



1. Oh, the first on the deck was the owner of the ship,

                 G                                   D

    and a rough looking fellow was he.

                 G                             D

    Said, I cannot work for my wife and my child,

              D              A               D

    and I do for the fish in the sea.


+  CHORUS       +  instrumental = CHORUS



2. Well, I left my dear darlin’ a grieving,

       G                                D

    I left my dear darlin’ a grieving.

       G                                 D

    I left my dear darlin’ a grievin after me,

                    D                       A                 D

    ‘cause I never expect to see her anymore.


+  CHORUS       +  instrumental = CHORUS




(orig. = capo 3rd)    (The Carter Family)