The young ones    (intro) (midi)


    G - Em - Am - D


              G                                            Em

1. The young ones, darling, we're the young ones,

                    G                                    Em

    and the young ones shouldn't be afraid

         G     D    G                                  C

    to live, love      while the flame is strong,

             G                            D                        G   - C - D

    'cos we may not be the young ones very long.


              G                                    Em

2. Tommorrow, why wait until tomorrow,

                 G                                    Em

    'cos tomorrow sometimes never comes.

           G     D   G                                     C

    So love me,      there' s a song to be sung,

                   G                    D                           G

    and the best time is to sing it while we're young.


   C                                G

Once in every life time comes a love like this.

      A                                         D   - - - - - - - -  D7

Oh, I need you, you need me, oh, my darling can't you see.


       G                                                      Em

3. Young dreams should be dreamed together,

             G                                       Em

    and young hearts shouldn't be afraid.

             G       D   G                                     C

    And some day     when the years have flown,

                    G                            D                          G

    darling, then we'll teach the young ones of our own. 


    G - Em - Am - D - G  + CHORUS     + repeat verse 3  - D -G


    (Cliff Richard)