Tighten up    (video)    (lesson)


    Em - G - A - B7 (2x)


       Em                    G

1. I wanted love, I needed love,

                 Am             B7

    most of all, most of all.

     Em                              G

    Someone said, "True Love" was dead,

                   A                               B7

    but I'm bound to fall, bound to fall

          Em  - G                          A                - B7

    for you,        oh, what can I do? Yeah.


     Em                                  G

2. Take my badge, but my heart remains

    Am                         B7

    loving you, baby child.

     Em            G

    Tighten up on your reigns,

                A                                B7        Em

    you're running wild, running wild, it's true.


+  Em - Em - Em - G - A (2x)   - Em


    Em                  G

3. Sick for days, so many ways,

                      Am                      B7

    I'm aching now, I'm aching now.

          Em                         G

    It's times like these, I need relief,

                     A                          B7

    please, show me how, oh, show me how,

              Em    - G                   Am      - B7

    to get right,       yes, out of sight.


             Em                           G

4. When I was young, and moving fast,

                  Am                                B7

    nothing slowed me down, ooh, slowed me down.










     Em               G

    Now I let the others pass,

            Am                        B7

    I've come around, oh, come around.


    ’cause I found.


+  Em - Em - Em - G - A (2x)    - Em


+  Em - B7 - Em - B7 - Em - B7 - G - A


    Em                  B7             Em                     B7

    Living just to keep going, going just to be sane,

    Em               B7                - G                 A

    all the while not knowing,       such a shame.

  Em                              B7        Em                    B7

    I don't need to get steady, I know just how I feel,

    Em                     B7      - G        A

    telling me to be ready,      my dear.


+  Em - Em - Em - G - A (2x)    + Em



(orig. = capo 2nd; lesson = no capo)    (The Black Keys)