Tom Dooley  (Listen to midi)


Throughout history there have been many songs written about the eternal triangle.

This next one tells the story of a Mr. Grayson, a beautiful woman and a condemned man named Tom Dooley.

When the sun rises tomorrow, Tom Dooley must hang.



Hang down your head, Tom Dooley,


hang down your head and cry,


hang down your head, Tom Dooley,

 D7                                     G

poor boy, you`re bound to die.


       G                                                              D

1. I met her on the mountain, there I took her life,

                                                D7                            G

    I met her on the mountain, stabbed her with my knife.




   G                                                            D

2.    This time tomorrow, reckon where I`ll be,

                                                    D7                  G

  if it hadn`t been for Grayson, I`d be in Tennessee.




   G                                                           D

3.    This time toworrow, reckon where I`ll be,

                                        D7                                     G

    in some lonely valley, hanging from  a white oak-tree.+




    (Kingston Trio)