Torero    (video)


    Em - D - D - C        +  Em - D


     Em                                             D

1. She was just a child, they fell in love,

           Em                                                      D

    and he was everything that she’d been dreaming of.

                      Am                   G                    F              C

    She was proud to be the princess of a brave matador,

                         Am                    G                      F                             - D

    ’cause she knew that it was her that he was always fighting for.


  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -    D       - D7                                      G

She brings him Spanish roses,         cause she can still remember,

                              D      - D7                              G

all of the Spanish roses         her lover gave to her.

      D             G         D             G

Torero, te quiero, torero, te quiero.


+  Em - D - D - C


     Em                                                         D

2. Now he’s just a dream that she used to love,

                 Em                                                      D

    cause deep inside her heart she holds the memory of

            Am                        G                           F                           C

    the days she used to watch him, as the crowd cheered his name,

              Am                     G                       F                          - D

    to the day he lost the battle, and they carried him away.




                                        D       - D7                                      G

She brings him Spanish roses,        cause she can still remember,

                              D      - D7                              G

all of the Spanish roses         her lover used to give to her.      + G ~ ~


          D                    G                  D                     G

+  Torero (olé), te quiero (olé), torero (olé), te quiero (olé) !


+  repeat last CHORUS (3x) ….


(orig. = capo 2nd)    (Engelbert)