Tryin’ to beat the morning home    (video)


    D ~


   D                           - G                                          D

1.    Drunk and cold,      can't get no help from nobody,

D                           - G                                                         D

    I'd sell my soul          to find one more drink left in that bottle.

A                                               - G                                       D

    They say that I'm worthless,        that all hope for me is gone,

                                      - A                                                  D      - D7

    so, heaven help me,        I’m tryin’ to beat the morning home.


G                                 A                           Bm                         G

    (Lord, don't let the daylight show the shame that's on my face),

D                     - A                                              G

    just let me,          just let me hide in my disgrace


    (let me hide in my disgrace).      +  D ~


     D                                 - G                                                 D

2.      My woman's there,        I'll be she's sitting there just waiting,

D                                    - G                                               D

    she won't ask where,       where I've been or why I'm drinking.

A                                         - G                                        D

    She knows it's hopeless,       but she keeps hanging on,

                                                     A                                                      D

   so, heaven, help me (heaven, help me) tryin’ to beat the morning home.


A          - G

    Lord,        I know I've tried, many times before,

A  - G

           but this time I really mean it,

A                                  - G                   A                         D

    so, please, help me         trying to beat the morning home.


(orig. = capo 2nd)    (T.G. Sheppard)