Tulsa Time (midi)


            G                           \

1. Well, I left Oklahoma, driving in a Pontiac,

      \                                 D

    just about to lose my mind.

                \                                     \

    I was going to Arizona, maybe on to California,


    where people all live so fine.


             G                                      \

2. My mother says I'm crazy, my baby calls me lazy,

                 \                                        D

    but I'm gonna show them all this time,

                         \                     \                         \                                     \

   'cause you know I ain't no fool and,  I don't need no more damn schoolin'.


    I was born to just walk the line.



Living on Tulsa time, living on Tulsa time,


gonna set my watch back to it,

                      \                                            \                       G

'cause you know that I've been through it, living on Tulsa time.



3. So there I was in Hollywood, thinking I was doing good,


    talking on the telephone line.

                        \                                              \

    They don't want me in the movies and nobody sings my songs,

             \                                           G

    my mama says my baby's doing fine.


    So then I started winking, then I started thinking,

               \                                  D

    that I really had a flash this time.


    That I had no business leaving, and nobody would be grieving,


    you see I'm on Tulsa time. 


+ CHORUS (2x)          (Eric Clapton)