Waterloo    (video)


    D - A - D


           D                                      A                             A7

Waterloo, Waterloo, where will you meet your Waterloo ?

            D                                     G

Every puppy has his day, everybody has to pay,

           D                   A                   D

everybody has to meet his Waterloo.


                    D                     G               D

1. Now, ole Adam was the first in history,

                  D                   E                       A

    with an apple he was tempted and deceived.

                   D                     G                        D

    Just for spite the devil made him take a bite,

                         D                       A                  D

    and that's where ole Adam met his Waterloo.   +  CHORUS


(orig. moves up half a note to capo 2nd here)


               D               G               D

2. Little General Napoleon of France

                  D                  E                          A

    tried to conquer the world, but lost his pants.

                 D                     G                     D

    Met defeat known as Bonaparte's retreat,

                         D                       A                  D

    and that's where Napoleon met his Waterloo.      +  CHORUS  


(orig. moves up half a note to capo 2nd here)


                 D              G                         D

3. Now, a feller, his darling proved untrue,

                   D          E               A

    took her life, but he lost his too.

                     D                       G               D

    Now he swings where the little birdie sings,

                         D                           A                  D

    and that's where Tom Dooley met his Waterloo.     +  CHORUS


(orig. = capo 2nd)    (Stonewall Jackson)