Waves    (video)


    Em - D - Bm - C (4x)


   Em      D                       Bm    - C

1.     My face above the water,

Em      D                              Bm  

    My feet can't touch the ground.

                        C                          Em  - D

   Touch the ground, and it feels like

                         Bm                    C

   I can see the sands on the horizon

           Em     D                 Bm

   everytime you are not around.


        C                 - Em  D          Bm

I'm slowly drifting        drifting away

  C              Em       D             Bm

wave after wave, wave after wave.

        C                 - Em  D          Bm

I'm slowly drifting,       drifting away,

           C                   Em

and it feels like I'm drowning,

  D                            Bm       C                             Em

pulling against the stream, pulling against the stream.


+  Em - D - Bm - C (4x)


   Em   D                             Bm     - C

2.     I wish I could make it easy,

Em - D               Bm        - C

             easy to love me,       love me.

Em               D                     Bm

    But still I reach, to find a way,


    I'm stuck here in between,

          Em                   D                   Bm

    I'm looking for the right words to say.


+  CHORUS      +  Em - D - Bm - C (2x)    +  Em - D - Bm - C (4x


(orig. = capo 1st)    (Mr. Probz)