We must be crazy    (video)


    D - A - G - A


          D                                              Bm                         G      - A

1. Tonight the stars I look upon will shine on after I am gone.

         D                                    Bm                                       - G        - A

    Where will I be this time tomorrow when I see them shi.....ne ?

         D                                          Bm

    I walk along the avenue where everything I thought I knew

            G                          A

    has left me without a clue,

     D                                                 Bm

    empty streets and empty stores, windows covered up the boards,


    graffiti written on the doors.


D                                - A

    We must be crazy,        but you're so beautiful,

G                     - A

    live is hasty         just like me and you.

D                                  A

    All these strangers working in the graveyard,

G                               - A

    lovers and haters,        we must be crazy.

D                           A      - G                       A                         D

    Out here in the night        show me the light before I go blind,

                         A      - G                       A                         G

out here in the night        show me the light before I go blind.



2. Tonight the stars you walk below,

           Bm                                             - G - A

    the same that burned so long ago,

             D                             Bm                                            - G - A

    in an age of stolen virtues all your dreams deserted you.

             D                                    A

    It's a long life to live and, I'm learning how to forgive

           G                               A

    myself for all the things I did,

                 D                            A

    we are ordinarily beautiful, open to be ridiculed,


    common as the grass that grows so slow.




   G                     A                           D    - G

+     Whatever changes come my way,

Em                  A                          A7

    whatever changes come my way.




(orig. = capo 4th)    (Milow)