What’s a memory like you (doing in a love like this)    (video)


  G                                        Am        - D7                                       G

1.   You know you shouldn't be here,        what am I supposed to do ?

                                                  Am        - D7                                   G

    Don't you know I've found a new love,        and I'm trying to be true ?

G                                        C                                                G

    Didn't you say we were over, why do you keep hanging on ?

                                            Am         - D7                                        G

    Honey, you're no longer welcome,        can't you just leave us alone ?


                              C                                          G

What's a memory like you doing in a love like this ?

                            C                                                       Am - D7

She thinks we're all through, but that's not the way it i..............s.

                                      C                                           G    - Em

When I hold her in my arms, well, it's your lips I still kiss.

                              C           - D7                                 G

What's a memory like you          doing in a love like this ?


+  G - C - Bm - C - G     - D - C - G


    G                                         Am        - D7                                   G

2.      Don't you know it would hurt her         to find you here with me ?

                                 Am       - D7                                G

    Why make me remember        the way we used to be ?

                                                 C                                                G

    Can't you see that she can love me just the way you never could ?

                                    C           - D7                                      G

    And I really want to love her,       ain't it time you left for good ?


+ CHORUS     +  Em


                                  C           - D7                                 G        C    - G

+  What's a memory like you          doing in a love like this ?  Mm.


(orig. = capo 3rd)    (John Schneider)