When the sun goes down


   A-D-E  A-D-E-A      A                       D               E

1.                             Sun tanned toes ticklin the sand,

      A                                 D       E

    cold drink chillin’ in my right hand.

A                                            D          E

    Watchin’ you sleep in the evening light,

A                          D               A

    restin’ up for a long, long night.


                              A                     - D                E

’Cause when the sun goes down,     we'll be groovin’,

                 A                                     D           E

when the sun goes down, we'll be feelin’ all right.

                   A                     - D                  E

When the sun sinks down        over the water,

  A                                                D             A

everything gets hotter when the sun goes down.


 A-D-E  A-D-E-A        A                       D          E

2.                              All day long just takin’ it easy,

A                                                     - D                   E

    layin’ in the hammock where it's       nice and breezy.

A                                  D          E

    And sleepin’ off the night before,

                                 A                                    D            A

    ‘cause when the sun goes down, we'll be back for more.  


+ CHORUS   + instrumental = 2 x verse 2


       A                                 D            E

3. This old guitar and my dark sunglasses,

A                                              D               E

    this sweet concoction is smooth as molasses.

A                                  D             E

    Nothing to do but breathe all day.

                   A                                 D           A

    until the big moon rises and it's time to play.  


+ CHORUS (2x) + instrumental = verse 3 + CHORUS …..


    (Kenny Chesney & Uncle Cracker)