When you love    (video)


    Em - D - C (3x)


                       Em                      A7

1. Close your eyes, leave the world behind,

                  Em                A7

    find the place deep inside

       F#m             Em          F#m           G

    where you imagine that love never dies.


               Em                     A7

2. In the Night when you reach for me

                  Em                 A7

    in your heart hear my sigh,

     F#m         Em    F#m            G

    now and forever will you remember ...


                  D                        A

When you love you're not alone,

                     G                      C

the one you love is there beside you.

            D                     Am

Never lost or on your own,

                G                       C

a gentle hand is there to guide you.


+  Em - D - C (2x)


                  Em            A7

3. Like the sun I am shining down

                       Em                        A7

    through the veil, through the clouds,

     F#m               Em        F#m            G

    when you can see me you must believe me that ...


+  CHORUS (2x)        +  D       +  D - C (3x)        +  CHORUS (2x)


+  Em - D - C (4x)       +  Em - D - C (3x)   - Em


(video = capo 1st)    (Sinéad O’Connor)