When you’re hot you’re hot    (video)


    G - C   - G - C (2x)


                      G                                        C

1. Well, now me and Homer Jones and Big John Talley

               G                              E

    had a big crap game goin' back in the alley,

A                                      D                 G                       D

    and I kept rollin' them sevens, ‘an winnin' all them pots.


     G                                            C

2. My luck was so good, I could do no wrong,

              G                                 E

    I jest kept on rollin' and controllin' them bones,

            A                                                           - D

    and finally they threw up their hands, said,

                             - G                                 D

    "When you hot,         you hot", I said, "Yeah?"


G                                         E    - A                        D               G

    When you're hot, you're hot,        when you're not, you're not !

       G                                       E

Put all the money in and let's roll 'em again,

A                        D              G      - D

    when you're hot, you're hot !


   G              E      - A         D G

+     La la la la la,       la la la la.

G              E      - A                        D              G

    La la la la la,       when you're hot, you're hot.


        D                    G                           C

3. Well, now every time I rolled them dice I'd win,

                     G                            E

    and I was just gettin' ready to roll 'em again,

                   A                                        - D

    when I heard somethin' behind me,

                                                     G              D

    I turned around and there was a big old cop.


                      G                                    C

4. He said, "Hello, boys" and then he gave us a grin 'n' said,

G                                              E

    "Look like I'm gonna hafta haul you all in,

                     A                            D

    and keep all that money for evidence"

                                - G                        - D

    I said ,"Well, son,       when you hot,      you hot."


G                                         E    - A                        D               G

    When you're hot, you're hot,        when you're not, you're not !

                   G                           E

You cansplain it all down at City Hall

A                        D               G                D

    When you're hot, you're hot, you’re hot !


   G              E      - A         D G

+     La la la la la,       la la la la.

G              E      - A                       D               G

    La la la la la,       when you're hot, you're hot.


        D                  G                                             C

5. Well, when he took us inta court I couldn't believe my eyes,

           G                                           E

    the judge was a fishin' buddy that I recognized.

                         A                                        - D

    I said, "Hey, judge, old buddy, old pal,

                                             G                                                    D

    "I'll pay ya that hundred I owe ya if you'll get me outta this spot."


                G                                 C

6. So he gave my friends a little fine to pay,

          G                                             E

    he turned around and grinned at me and said,

      A                    D                       G           D

    "Ninety days, Jerry, when you hot, you hot !"


    'N' I said "Thanks a lot !"


G                                         E    - A                        D               G

    When you're hot, you're hot,        when you're not, you're not !

                   G                                                E

He let my friends go free and throwed the book at me.

                        - A                       D              G

He said, "Well,      when you're hot, you're hot !"


        D                             G                               E

+  I said, "Well I'll tell ya one thing judge, old buddy, old pal,

        A                              D           G

    if you wasn't wearin' that black robe,

         G                                    E

    I'd take out in back of this courthouse,

                 A                       D              G

    and I'd try a little bit of your honor on.

                                              G            - E

    You understand that, you hillbilly ?

                                           A           - D - G

    Who gonna collect my welfare?"


    Pay for for my Cadillac?

G - E                                                       A

         Whadda you mean 'contempt of court'?" ....


(orig. = capo 2nd)    (Jerry Reed)