Who’ll come with me (David’s song)    (video)


    Instrumental intro = verse 1


        Em    D             G                         A                     Bm

1. Who’ll come with me ? Don’t be afraid, I know the way.

      Em     D            G                        A                        B

    Who’ll sing with me ? Don’t be afraid, I show the way.

         D                       G Em                      A

    Who’ll dance with me all through the world ?

                     Bm                       Em

    Don’t be afraid, I’ll show the way.


      Em  D           G                            A                      Bm

2. We’ll go with you, to search the way, to find your star.

        Em   D              G                       A                            B

    Who’ll come with us ? Don’t be afraid, we found the way.

          D                G Em              A     

    Who’ll fly with me to reach a star ?

                      Bm                    Em

    Don’t be afraid, I know the way.


                      Em                                            - Bm

+  (spoken : )       Hello to all you young men!          Our fondest hopes

                              - Em

    now rest in you.          Remember there is nothing we can't do !

C                     - Bm

    So believe!            And be brave !


       Em   D          G                             A                        Bm

3. Who’ll be my friend and walk with me and sing this song ?

        Em  D             G                                    A                      B

    Who’ll love with me ? We’ll change the world and set it free.

       D                     G    Em                 A

    We’ll walk with you, we’ll be your friends,

    F#m                  Bm                         Em

    we’ll sing your song, we know the way.


(orig. = capo 3rd)    (The Kelly Family)