Why didn’t I think of that    (video)


    C - G - F - G (2x)


     C                    G              F                   G

1. He sends her roses and lines he composes,

C                F     G

    things a lady loves.

              C                   G                     F                     G

    Well, he's there to hold her when she needs a shoulder

C           F            G

    if life gets too rough.

             F                    G              C

    Oh, now that she's left I keep kicking myself

             F          G                 C

    whenever I start thinking back.

     F                   G             C               Am

    He says he needs her, tells her he loves her,

       F           G               C

    why didn't I think of that ?


         C                    G                      F            G

2. When she gets down, well, he's always around her,

C                            F       G

    he makes her smile again.

     C                       G                    F                   G

    He mends her heartaches, remembers her birthday,

C                     F        G

    and tries to be a friend.

       F                     G                    C

    Now that she's gone I know what I did wrong,

          F        G            C

    it's all so simple in fact.

              F                 G               C                Am

    Well, he says he wants her, can't live without her,

       F           G               C

    why didn't I think of that?


 Am                    G            F                  G          C

Ooh, I've been watching every move that he makes.

 Am                    G              Dm                     C                     F

Ooh, I've been thinking, it could have been different somehow,

   Dm               C               G

if I'd known what I know now.


     C                   G                       F                G

3. He sings her love songs and tells her his love's strong,

C                      F             G

    things she needs to know.

     C                 G                    F                G

    He tries to please her, he calls for no reason,

C              F       G

    just to say hello.

      F               G                      C

    He says he loves her and he'll never leave her,

           F            G               C

    and I never will get her back.

    F             G                      C               F

    I did my best, thought of everything else,

     Dm          G               C

    why didn't I think of that ?




(orig. moves up half a note to capo 3rd here)


+  repeat verse 1


      C               C7                   F              Fm

+  He says he loves her and he'll never leave her,

      F            G               C

    why didn't I think of that ?


(orig. = capo 2nd)    (Doug Stone)