Why    (video)


                                         C         - Em - Am

    C - Em - Am (2x)       +     Why..................y ? (2x)


   C                             - G                               Am  

1.    How many times        do I have to try to tell you

                   F                 C                      - G          Am   - F

    that I'm sorry for the things I've done,     uh uh uh.

              C                                       - G

    But when I start to try to tell you       thatīs when you have to tell me,

Am                            F                 C                 - G  - Am - F

    hey, this kind of trouble's only just begun.


D                                     A

    I tell myself too many times, why don't you ever

                  Bm                               G 

    learn to keep your big mouth shut ?

D                                                 A

    That's why it hurts so bad to hear the words

                         Bm                         G       C                           F

    that keep on falling from your mouth, falling from your mouth,

     Am                        D

    falling from your mouth, tell me  ...


    C          - Em - Am       - F

+      Why..................y ?            (2x)


   C                                         G                                      Am

2.    I may be mad, I may be blind, I may be viciously unkind,

                    F                                 C         - G             Am   - F

    but I can still read what you're thinking,         uh uh uh.

C                                                    G  

    And I've heard it said too many times that you'd be better off,

          Am                           F                      C

    besides, why can't you see this boat is sinking,

                       G          - Am - F

    this boat is sinking.


    D                                               A

+     Let's go down to the water's edge

                        Bm                       G 

    and we can cast away those doubts.

D                                                  A

    Some things are better left unsaid,

                  Bm                         G

    but they still turn me inside out,

     C                     F   Am                  D

    turning inside out, turning inside out. Tell me ....


   C         - Em - Am       - F                  - C         - Em - Am       - F

+     Why.................y ?        Tell me !         Why.................y ?



+      This is the book I never read,


    these are the words I never said,


    this is the path I'll never tread,


    these are the dreams I'll dream instead.


    This is the joy that's seldom spread,


    these are the tears, the tears we shed,


    this is the fear, this is the dread,


    these are the contents of my head.


    And these are the years that we have spent,

G                                                    - Am                                     - F

    and this is what they represent         and this is how I feel.

                                               - C

    Do you know how I feel ?         'Cause I don't think you know,

G                              Am                      - F

    I don't think you know what I feel.


    C          - Em - Am       - F                        C

+      Why..................y ?          You donīt know what I feel.


    (Annie Lennox)