Wishing well    (video)



1.     Kissing like a bandit stealing time

G                           A

    underneath the sycamore tree,


    Cupid by the hour sends valentines

G                      A

    to my sweet lover and me.

A                            - G                               A

    Slowely, surely,         your appetite is more than I know.

A                          - G                       A

    sweetly, softly,        I'm falling in love with you.



    Wish me love, a wishing well to kiss and tell,

G                               A

    a wishing well of butterfly tears,


    Wish me love, a wishing well to kiss and tell,

G                               A

    a wishing well of crocodile cheers.                +  A - G   - A - G



2.     Hugging like a monkey, see monkey do,

G                         A

    right beside a riverboat gambler,


    erotic images float through my head,

G                                     A

    say you wanna be a midnight rambler.

A                                  - G                                A

    Quickly, but quickly,       the blood races through my veins.

A                           - G                                   A

    Quickly, loudly,        I wanna hear those sugar bells ring.


+  CHORUS       +  A - G   - A - G      +  CHORUS


+  A - G   - A - G (2x with varying bits of lyrics) ...


(orig. = capo 1st)    (Terence Trent D’Arby)