With my swag all on my shoulder    (video)


               C                                                                                       Am

1. When first we left old England's shores such yarns as we were told,

           C                           F            C         G             C

    as how folks in Australia could pick up lumps of gold.

               F                     C                                                           Am

    So when we got to Melbourne Town we were ready soon to slip,

                   C                         F             C         G            C

    and get even with the captain we scuttled from the ship.


                   C                                                             Am

With my swag all on my shoulder, black billy in my hand,

     C                                        F             C            G         C

I travelled the bush of Australia like a true born native man.


               C                                                                                          Am

2. We steered our course for Portland Town, then north west of Ballarat,

                 C                                  F           C               G          C

    where some of us got mighty thin and some got sleek and fat.

                 F                         C                                        Am

    Some tried their luck at Bindigo and some at Fiery Creek,

         C                             F              C     G       C

    I made a fortune in a day and spent it in a week.




            C                                                                                Am

3. So round the tucker tracks I tramp nor leave them out of sight, 

               C                                F            C      G         C

    my swag's on my left shoulder and then upon my right.

                F               C                                        Am

    And then I take it on my back and oft upon it lie, 

               C                                  F                  C           G     C

    these are the best of tucker tracks, so I'll stay here till I die. 




         C                                        F             C            G         C

+  I travelled the bush of Australia like a true born native man !


(orig. = capo 5th)    (The Seekers)