Woman (Sensuous woman)    (video)


    C ~ ~


   C          F                       C

Woman, ooh, sensuous woman,

  C                                             G   - D7 - G - G7

you control the world I'm living in.

   C          F                        C

Woman, ooh, sensuous woman,

     F                           C         G       C

release my body and let me live again !


       C                        F                      C

1. Step by step you taught me easy loving,

             C                                                        G   - D7 - G - G7

    and night by night you caught me in your web.

           C                       F                   C

    My self control was overruled by passion,

        F                        C              G        C

    I couldn't see the heartaches just ahead.




      C                           F                            C

2. Someone's true at home, I should be with her,

            C                                                  G    - D7 - G - G7

    and she don't know I crave your ecstasy.

              C                         F                  C

    But many hearts will break if I don't conquer

           F                             C         G      C

    this lustful spell you've cast all over me.




           F                           C         G       C

+  Release my body and let me live again !


(orig. = capo 2nd)    (Don Gibson)