Working man    (video)


    D - G   - D - G    - D


           D                                         G                           D

It’s a working man l am, and I’ve been down under ground,


and I swear to God if I ever see the sun,

           D                                    G                 D

or for any length of time I can hold it in my mind,

                             A                         D

I never again will go down under ground.


                D                                             G                       D

1. At the age of sixteen years, oh, he quarrels with his peers,


    who vowed they’d never see another one.

                D                                                      G                       D

    In the dark recess of the mines where you age before your time.

                                          A                   D

    and the coal dust lies heavy on your lungs.




                D                                        G                       D

2. At the age of sixty-four, oh, he'll greet you at the door,


    and he'll gently lead you by the arm.

                          D                                                   G                         D

    Through the dark recess of the mines, oh, he'll take you back in time,

                                           A                              D

    and he'll tell you of the hardships that were had.


+ CHORUS (3x)


                D                      A                          G - D

+ God, I never again will go down under grou....nd.


(orig. = capo 3rd)    (Rita McNeil)