Working my way back to you    (video)


    F - G   - F - G


              F                                    G

I keep working my way back to you, babe,

            C  F    C        Am

with a burnin' love inside.

                   F                                  G

Yeah, I'm workin' my way back to you, babe,

                 C   F C            Am

and the happiness that died.

   D               G                                         - G7

I let it get away, been payin' every day !


    G                                     D

1.     When you were so in love with me,

C                                 D

    I played around like I was free.

G                                                          D

    Thought I could have my cake and eat it, too,

C                                  D

    but how I cried over losin' you

                      C                       Cm

    See, I’m down and out, but I ain't about to go

    G                              E7

    livin' my life without you !

                G        C       G             C

    Hey, every day I made you cry,

              G       C               Bb F G

    I'm payin', girl, 'til the day I die.




           - G                               D

2. Oh,        I used to love to make you cry,

C                                       D

    it made me feel like a man inside.

G                                  D

    If I had been a man in reality,

C                                   D

    you'd be here, baby, lovin' me.

                      C                          Cm

    Now my nights are long and lonely,

                              G                                    E7

    and I ain't too proud, girl, I just miss you so !

                     G                C                    G            C

    Girl, but you're too proud and you won't give in,

                G       C              Bb    F       G

    but when I think about all I could win.




    F - G

+             My road is kinda long,

F                                    G

    I just gotta get back home.


    Whoa, I'm really sorry for actin' that way,


    I'm really sorry, ooh, little girl !

                     G                                            F

    I'm really sorry for telling you lies for so long.

              E                          Am                  F                C

    Oh, please, forgive me, girl, come on, give me a chance !

                           E          Am          F                   C

    Won't you forgive me, girl, hey, let's have romance !

                  F           Am   F                C

    Ooh, forgive me, girl, let's start again !

                          E           Am

    Come on, forgive me, girl,

                       D           D7           D            D7       G

    I want you over and over and over and over again.


+  CHORUS ....


    (The Spinners)