Yellow rose of Texas    (video)    (midi)


    D - G - D (2x)



1. There's a yellow rose in Texas I'm going home to see,


    though other men have held her, her heart belongs to me.


    You've traveled down some dusty roads, you've slept out in the rain,

                  G                    D                            D              A         D

    but this yellow rose is always here when you come home again.



She knows I've done some hard time, you stumbled, then you fell,


I just kept your pride from dying, you saved my soul from hell.


She's the diamond of the desert, she's the golden flower of spring,

                 G                    D                        D          A        D

she's the yellow rose of Texas, she can make a man a king.


+  instrumental = CHORUS



2. There's a yellow rose in Texas, she knows the dues I've paid,


    and I'm going home to tell her I wish I'd never strayed.


    You couldn't see beyond yourself, your pain and wounded pride,

            G                           D                   D           A       D

    but now you know the truth is in the way you feel inside.




                    G                     D               D           A       D

+  Yes, the yellow rose of Texas can make a man a king.


(orig. = capo 3rd; midi = capo 5th)    (Lane Brody & Johnny Lee)