Your love amazes me    (video)    (midi)


    G - Em - C - D - G



1.     I've seen the seven wonders of the world,


    I've seen the beauty of diamonds and pearls,

C                                             - D                               G

    but they ain't nothin', baby,       your love amazes me.



2.      I've seen a sunset that would make you cry,


    and colors of a rainbow reachin' across the sky,

C                                           - D                                     G

    the moon in all its phases,      but your love amazes me.


Bm                                        C

    Don't you ever doubt this love of mine,

G                                       D

    you're the only one for me !


     You give me hope, you give me reason,


    you give me something to believe in,

F                         D                                G               G

    forever faithfully, your love amazes me.         +      Your love.



3.     I've prayed for miracles that never came,


    I got down on my knees out in the pouring rain,

C                                             - D                              G

    but only you could save me,    your love amazes me. +  CHORUS                       


     G - Em                - C     - D                                G

+                  Your,        your love amazes me.

G                                     - Em

    Your love amazes me,        I got down on my knees,

               - C     - D                                G

    your,        your love amazes me...


(orig. = capo 3rd)    (John Berry)